VersionTech Black 3.5mm Wired Remote Selfie Stick Monopod Telescopic Extendable Handheld Pole Holder For iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 5S 5C 5 4S 3GS Samsung Galaxy Note 4 3 2 1 Galaxy S5 S4 S3 S2 LG Flex G3 G3 Sony Xperia Z1 Z2 Z3 and Other 3.5mm 5.5″ inch Smart Cellphone, Digital Camera & SLRS Camera

Product Features

  • Plug and play, with a line of Android Apple Universal Self-lever system Android 4.2.2 above, if we can not use, download the camera 360 (camera 360), iphone ios5.01 above, without having to download the software directly to the line into the phone audio port, you can control your camera phone market easiest self-timer shots.
  • No charge (Bluetooth Self-rod in the course of the need to carry charging cable, and battery life is limited, most likely because of the long journey out of power affect your beauty self-timer).
  • The tube does not shift with the trough, clear pictures without shake image stabilization, tube thickness in line with the principle of leverage, the use of up to three hours a day does not feel tired, (Self-club market with a line of most sub-thin, use a long time fatigue nor fluted tube, easy camera phones when moving, or even damage your phone).
  • Flexible buttons, design aesthetics, in line with the aesthetic principles, portable, lightweight and flexible, practical, but also for high or low at a special photograph, model: BR02, formerly Bluetooth upgrade on the basis of the self-timer lever.
  • Cost-effective, quality and price advantage is much larger than his home, the lowest market price.
New Price: $13.99
Old Price: $39.99
You Save: $26.00

Product Description


It no longer has to worry about with the use of no electricity, no longer worried about not search or Bluetooth connection is not on. The new launch of the new hand-held self-timer lever, 3.5MM audio link pictures without Bluetooth, wired Andrews Apple Universal Self-pole, Huawei millet Samsung Apple Universal Self-lever system Android 4.2.2 above, if we can not use, download camera 360, iphone ios5. 01 or later, without having to download the software directly to the audio cable into the phone port, you can control your phone camera to take pictures, simple and easy to use, without charge.

Compatible Models:

Almost all phones less than 5.5″ inch:
Apple iPhone 4 4S 5 5G 5S 5C 6 6plus
Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 S3 i9300 S3 mini i8190 S4 i9500 S4 Mini i9190 S4 Active i9295 Note i9220 Note 2 II N7100 Mega 5.8 i9150 Note 3 III N9000 Note 4
Sony Xperia Z L36h Xperia Z Ultra XL39h Xperia ZL L35h Z1 L39h Z3
Nokia Lumia 1020 920 820 720 520 625 925
LG Nexus 4 E960 Optimus G Pro F240 Optimus G2 F340 Nexus 5 D821
Blackberry Z10 Q10
Motorola XT910 XT926 etc
Universal 14 screw, also suitable for Pocket Cameras


At first use, please pair the mobile phone and monopod(refer to the manual),then use it as the following:
Step 1:Please put the mobile phone into the phone clamp,if the clamp is too large,please use gasket.
Step 2:Fix the mobile phone clamp on the screw
Step 3:Stretch the monopod
Step 4:Focus on yourself and push the “press”

Package includes:

1 x Extendable Wired Monopod
1 x Smartphone Adajustable Holder
1 x User Manual

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