Lose Your Android? No Problem, Google It!



Android Lost

What if your Android phone is lost or stolen?  What can You do?  Fortunately if you have Android Lost installed, you are in complete control of the situation






Google has cooked up a new way to find a lost Android phone. -Google


We’ve all lost our mobile phone at one point or another — sometimes in our homes, sometimes in the car and sometimes out in the wild unknown. Now instead of searching everywhere to track it down, you can rely on Google for help.

A new feature unveiled on Wednesday lets you search for your Android phone or tablet using Google’s search engine on your PC, as long as you meet the right criteria.

Here’s how it works:…More at How to use Google to find your lost Android phone – CNET

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So now losing your phone is one thing you won’t have to lose sleep over.  Now if we could just handle death and taxes, maybe we could get a little peace.  I’ve added a bit more just in case you want to get other angles on this.


If you’re the type of person who’s always losing your phone, it’s now really easy to find it again — if you have an Android.

Thanks to a new update from Google, you just have to type “find my phone” into Google Search, and it’ll show you where it is with startling accuracy. It can also make your phone ring if you still can’t figure out exactly where it is.

We tested it Thursday, and it mostly works, but you have to make sure your phone’s location settings are enabled. (Which makes sense!)…More at Find Your Lost Phone Immediately With This Simple Google Trick – Huffington Post.

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