Android: Up and Running With Android Programming.

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    Create and Android App From Scratch!

    Why Aren’t You Making Your Own Android Apps?

    The worldwide mobile app market is expected to exceed $77 billion in the next five years. That is a lot of money floating around. Every year more people buy mobile devices and they all crave one thing, more apps. There is not enough supply of great apps to satisfy the market.

    If you are a beginning programmer you can use this fast and easy guide to make your first Android app. After that, there is no limit on what you can accomplish.

    In this book you will learn:

    • What is Development

    • Basics of Android Development

    • What is XML?

    • What is Java?

    • What is the Development Environment?

    • Setting Up PATH for Windows or Mac OSX

    • Creating Your Own Android App

    • Coding

    • User Interface

    • Android Manifest

    • Compiling

    • Creating a Virtual Device

    • Deployment

    • User Interface

    • Layouts

    • Fragments and Activities

    • How to Specify the App’s Launcher

    • Intents

    • Java Basics for Android Programming

    • Methods

    • Classes and Objects

    • Arrays

    • Loops

    • Programming Languages and IDESs

    This fast guide has step-by-step directions to get you started on your first Android app. There are also tons of examples, screenshots, and colorful explanations to keep you on track. If you need more information on a topic, there are many links to more in-depth information.

    If you have always wanted to create an Android app, you are now out of excuses. Get your ideas out of your head and into the store.

    Download this guide today.

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