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Android droidBack before Android 3.0, iPhones and iPads completely dominated mobile communication and Android was just a pest that had no real tablet capability and whose phones were mostly several versions behind and nor real threat to Apple, or so they thought. With the release of Android 3.0 Honeycomb Android made it’s first real attempt to compete with the iPad, and set the stage for explosive advances and growth that have caused Android to dominate both the smartphone and tablet markets. appeared on line just before the release of Android 3.0 and it chronicled this story.  However, all was lost when the host seemed to have allowed it to fall into oblivion.  That is all history now and the site was killed by bad advice and Google’s objection to that advice. The battle between Android and Apple however helped make the technology what it is today.  Which was my prediction from the beginning.

Today we have smartphones that are capable of more than computers were when the Smartphone wars began.  If the trend keeps going the way it has been then desktops may go the way of the 8 Track, and VCR.  Mobile communication seems to be the wave of the future, and this has made Microsoft a bit nervous, as they have been trying for years with not a great deal of success to break into the mobile market, to avoid becoming a Dinosaur, leaving behind only the fossils of their once mighty empire.  With the speed of a glacier they are making their way into the mobile marketplace, but they are consistently moving forward, though not as fast as they would like.

To provide an even more complex scene, there are a great number of Android wannabes seeking to make a dramatic entrance with another open source operating system and do to Android what Android did to Apple.  Names like “Sailfish”, and “TIZEN” are among these.  Over the past years there has always been something going on.

Android has been sent into space as the “brain” of satellites, and has found its way into our appliances and our cars.  We now even have “smart TVs”, so Android is becoming more and more part of our every day lives.

As you can see the technology is growing by leaps and bounds.  Can you imagine what is on the horizon in the world of Android?

In the Android News and Rumor category the focus will be to keep you on top of things by presenting you with the latest Android News.  Android News is, however, mostly rumors of things to come and often these rumors are close, but anyone who was expecting “Key Lime Pie” knows that you can’t rely 100% on Android rumors.  You just might end up with a cookie.

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Android's Explosion Into Mobile Communication